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Ultrasound Cavitation - NonSurgical LipoSuction
1 area - $200/per treatment ($800 for 5 Sessions)
2 areas - $300/per treatment ($1200 for 5 Sessions)
buy one area get 2nd area 1/2 off

Chin & Arms - one area
Abdomen - one area
Inner & Outer Thighs/Knees - one area
Buttocks - one area
Ultra-Cavitation with RF (radio frequency is the latest technology and the only methodology known to completely remove fat along with fat cells.
It has nothing to do with the human body's inner structure.
The treatment involves the removal of unwanted body fat using a non-invasive technique.
This is safe liposuction without surgery, pain or side effects.
Once the fat  cells are removed, there is no place for the fat to return.
The treatments produce instant and permanent results.
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